Cackle Maw

Today when I was worshipping the dark ones I dropped a whole plate of scones on the floor.

The whole store started laughing and clapping and i didn't know what else to do so I started SCREAMING AT THEM in my WITCH voice...but that voice is RAELLY hard to do and it makes my throat dry and I choked and then everyone LAUGHED EVEN HARDER!! :(

Tony told me to go take a a freak break, which at first I thought meant freak out but he said that's not how he meant it.

I told everyone they wouldn't be applauding when THE SHADOWS CAME TO FEAST but that made them start laughign all over again.

Tehn Tonymade me go int he back room so I used the creamer to pour a sigil of dark feasting on the floor, But I think I accidently poured the sigil of slipping because stupid AMY walked in and slipped and got REALLY hurt.

Tony said I can't tell ANYONE it was me or we'll be sued.

-The Slip Lord.