Google Curse


Masses of the Dark Host, fellow faerie kings and Wisconsin fiends.
it is I, Lord Malachai; Pagan witch of Odin,
and part time Starbucks barista.

I just logged on to find out that, APPARENTLY, for the last YEAR and a HALF my daily posts about Starbucks, life, and he who is Satan, have not been posting.

I did NOT KNWO THIS! I've been posting from my Dad's Blackberry, since I inadvertently Cast a WRETHCVED curse on his mac book pro, after trying to photoshop a custom avatar of myself, covered in crows.

WELl, it looks like I've literally been texting blog posts into thin fucking air. So for the RECORD, I still work at Starbucks, I live with my Dad, and I will now be posting from my own t-MOBILE SIDEKICK!!!!!!!!!!!

-The Scare K. Row of the night
-and day.
Lord MAlachai