RIP Goth-A-Doodle

Sad greetings from the womb of darkness (my dad;s old blackberry)
It seems that my familiar
a MIDNIGHT black Rooster I named Goth-A-Doodle
has died
while iw as painting him
in my garage

Me and the ghosts of this suburb held a funeral in my front yard
I think he would have wanted ti that way
but my fdad got mad----made me UNBURY him, and rebury him in the backyard
RP Goth-A-Doodle, the crooked crow of the mourning.

Here is an excerpt from the elogy:

Sad condolences, my feathered specter of despair
the crow born a rooster
buried there

{and then I pointed to the ground at this part}

There among the daffodilss
Wisonsin fields of pain
black clad specter
choked to death
on Behr brand black paint.