MeMoRIeS gone awry!!!

Being the will of one Lord Malachai
--Wisconsin Prince of Darkness--
--Lord of All Wisconsin fairy Folk--
--Pagan Barista--
--Morbid tongue of the wolf--

In case I die. oR live!!! I should dsay, since one wll never kill that which has touched the frozen lips of death™
here is alist of my wishes. Posessions. Curses. and burial requirements.

1) my body shall be placed inside a frshly slain wolf, and left alone in the fields of Wisconsin.

2) 1000 candles, black. shall be held in the hands of local children
2b) if 1000 black candles can not be found, you may purchase qny color and paint them
2c) If black paint cannot be found. 1000 white candles in the hands of local black children will suffice.

3) you shall not spit on the grave of the fallen

4) No DaDs at the FuNeRaL!!!!!

5) I will be buried in november. No MATTER when I die.

6) my copy of You've Got Mail will go to the highest bidder. Place the money n my grave.

6) Tony (my boss) has to serve everyone Starbucks Perfect opatmeal and pumpkin sipce lattes.

&) Chrisninda, the Eatern Wisconsin Starbucks Reginoal Manager has to name a new drnk the Creamsicle Latte. It's madewith 3 bags of orange tea; half a up of heavy cream; and half a cup of latte.

8) the greving will require bagpipe and cello.

*) the following poem wil be read BY MY DADDDD, over the phone, to the masses gathered:

do not fret
do not wallow
they bodies waste
in harvests swallow

the cold wind blows
upon cheeks flocked
with blue color colder
the gardens never bloom
they'll grow no older

the sun sets
the SON sets
I should have been
a better father

-The L:o:r:d of Orange Cream