Dear dEnIzEns of the Space Between
(and no, i am not tlakign bAout the FUCKING DAVE MATTHEerWS SONG, eLIZA!

Tomorow AT work itS my turn to draw on the chalkboard. Tony saidf THAT wasn't a good idea, but our reginal manager chrisinda said everyone gets a turn. SO FUCK YOU, TON Y!
Stop trying to hold back the darkness!

I spent theree hours on my dad's IPAD, trying to desing something that rteally captured--no, that really haunted the viwer upon first glance. Chrsinda said just amke sure to advertise Starbucks new breakfast rolls, and that ic an draw anythign I want. REMEMBER SALLOW ONES...THESE ARE ROUGH. DRAFTS. I 'M SURE they wl look much better with chalk instead of fingers.

This onei is called Breakfast with the devil:

this is entitled Gaunt of toung and limb:

this one is based off a song i wrote, and its called: "Someone cget a hungry Frog, Cause I'm flyin' off this buildn'"

and finally, as a SAFETY design... because i fucking KNOW Tony, and if his KACKI FUCKING PANTS ARE ANY signal..., he is NOT open expressions of the soul..
So this ones called "dark meat inside"...

So come by the store tomorrow, and check out the danger!
(death and screaming, nt hugs ans k,isees)